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Chess Openings by thechesswebsite. A list of 80+ different chess openings and variations, with a short summary and video of each opening. Some of the lessons require a membership to access. Closing Comments. The list of chess openings on this page is not intended as an in-depth study of each opening (that would make the page impossible long). It is, however, a great way to introduce you to all the popular chess openings and variations that chess players should know A01 Larsen's Opening, 1. b3 (Owen's Opening) (Greek Attack) A02 Bird's Opening, 1. f4 (Dutch Attack) A03 Bird's Opening, 1...d5; A04 Réti Opening, 1. Nf3; A05 Réti Opening, 2...Nf6; A06 Réti Opening, 2...d5; A07 Réti Opening, King's Indian Attack (Barcza System) A08 Réti Opening, King's Indian Attack; A09 Réti Opening, 2...d5 3.c4; A10 English Opening: 1. c Billing Issues. Report a Bug. Chess Openings. Search more than 3,000 opening lines. Find the perfect chess opening for you. Explore variations and master chess games. 1. e4. Sicilian Defense. French Defense The many openings of chess are listed here. These are arranged according to the Encyclopedia of Chess Openings (ECO) codes. 1 A 2 B 3 C 4 D 5 E 6 Source A00 Openings A01 Larsen's Opening A02 Bird's Opening A03 Bird's Opening, 1...d5 A04 Réti Opening A05 Reti Opening, 2...Nf6 A06 Reti Opening.. Other opening moves. Réti opening 1.Nf3, often followed by 2.c4 or 2.g3; English opening 1.c4; Bird's opening 1.f4; Sources Sources for beginners. There is no opening book for real beginners

The Sicilian Najdorf, French, and London System are just a few chess openings you'll read about. Bird's Opening Bishop's Opening Black Knights Tango MEMBERS ONLY Blackmar-Diemer Gambit Bogo Indian Defense Bowlder Attack MEMBERS ONLY Budapest Gambit Calabrese Countergambit Caro-Kann Catalan Opening MEMBERS ONLY Chigorin Defense MEMBERS ONLY Cochrane Gambit MEMBERS ONLY Colorado Gambit Danish Gambit Dutch Defense Elephant Gambit English Opening Evans Gambi

Nearly half a millennium later, the Ruy remains one of the most popular chess openings. Chess experts have come up with numerous variations, and a wide variety of strategic plans are available to both white and black. The starting position of the Ruy Lopez is reached after the following moves: 1. e4, e5; 2. Nf3, Nc6; and 3. Bb5 Below is a list of chess openings organized by the Encyclopaedia of Chess Openings (ECO) code. The openings are divided in five volumes labeled from A through E. A00 Polish (Sokolsky) opening. 1. b4. A00 Polish, Tuebingen variation. 1. b4 Nh6. A00 Polish, Outflank variation There is often an overlap between the different types of chess openings. For example, a flank opening can also be a hypermodern opening and a positional opening. It is also quite common for a certain type of opening to suddenly transpose to another type, which is why it is helpful to understand the typical characteristics and unique requirements of each opening type List of chess gambits. This is a list of chess openings that are gambits. The gambits are organized into sections by the parent chess opening, giving the gambit name, ECO code, and defining moves in algebraic chess notation. Albin Countergambit. Albin Countergambit - D08 - 1.d4 d5 2.c4 e Here is the complete list of chess openings sorted by ECO code. ECO codes (chess openings) A00 Polish (Sokolsky) opening A00 Polish : Tuebingen variation A00 Polish : Outflank variation A00 Benko's Opening A00 Lasker simul special A00 Benko's Opening : reversed Alekhine A00 Grob's attac

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  1. It is one of the most popular openings, with such a vast number of variations that in the Encyclopaedia of Chess Openings (ECO), all codes from C60 to C99 are assigned to them. White: Anand, Viswanathan (2779) - Svidler, Peter (2728) [C88
  2. The Oxford Companion to Chess lists 1,327 named openings and variants. Chess players' names are the most common sources of opening names. The name given to an opening is not always that of the first player to adopt it; often an opening is named for the player who was one of the first to popularize it or to publish analysis of it
  3. Chess is one of the earliest strategy games out there. It's a complex game to learn and it's only natural to start learning with opening strategies (and maybe jumping to opening traps right afterward). This list will contain all of the most efficient and, more importantly, easy to learn and memorize chess openings that are being used today
  4. All of them are good choices, and it's a matter of like and style what you decide to play. Besides, some of these openings are against Sicilian, others against King's Pawn, etc., so I think comparing doesn't make too much sense. 10- Queen's Gambit. ECO D06-D09 (ECO is the Code for this line in the Encyclopedia of Chess Openings) 1.d4 d5 2. c4
  5. 3 • MLGFoxZX •. Sicilian Defense: Dragon Variation. Sicilian Dragon: Accelerated Dragon Variation. Sicilian Defense: Hyper-accelerated Dragon Variation. Sicilian Defense: Accelerated Dragon Bobby Fischer Trap. MLGFoxZX

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  1. 1. e4 Chess Openings. Accelerated Dragon. MEMBERS ONLY. Adelaide Counter Gambit. Alapin Variation. Alekhine Defense. Apocalypse Attack. MEMBERS ONLY. Archangel Defense
  2. Stockfish 11+ HCE Depth 16/18, 326 knodes/s. 1. e4 e6 2. d4 d5 3. exd5 exd5 4. Nf3 Nf6 5. Bd3 Bd6 6. Qe2+ Qe7 7. Nc3 Nc6 8. Nb5 Qxe2+. 1 e4 c5
  3. Chess Openings - Ultimate Guide to the Openings of Chess. Few topics intrigue and intimidate newcomers to chess like the study of so-called Opening theory.. We hear stories of Masters who can play 15, 20, or 30 moves from pure memorization - despite the number of possible 20-move sequences to begin a game of chess being in the billions
  4. All chess openings for white score approximately equal for players under 2000 and hover around a 50% win rate. The Reti opening, 1. Nf3, scores the best with a win rate of 52% for white. For masters, the win rate of openings hover at around 33% due to the higher amount of draws in master play. Surprisingly, the Hungarian opening, 1. g3, has the.
  5. g House. 24:25. GM Level Blunder. 23:54.
  6. Beginners Chess Opening TIER LIST Finale with Hikaru and Levy. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Up next
  7. The Oxford Companion to Chess lists 1,327 named openings and variants. [1] Some openings have been given fanciful names, often names of animals. The Dragon Variation of the Sicilian Defence was named in 1901 after its resemblance of Black's kingside pawn structure to the constellation Draco, [2] [3] It is one of the sharpest of all chess openings, [4] with ten named sub-variations analysed in.

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  1. Chess Opening Moves III. To play chess efficiently you need to play strong chess opening moves. This is only possible if you study a lot of chess openings to learn how to make proper moves right from the start. For Beginners and Advanced Chess players who have not much time and need an opening repertoire that covers up almost everything as fast.
  2. But I cannot find a decent opening to play against 1.d4 (just a lesser opening, indeed xD). And this can be a problem also against 1.Nf3, due to the many transpositions. I used to play the Nimzo-Indian + Queen's Indian pair, but recently I found that those openings do not suit my playing style, especially the Queen's Indian
  3. Volume 4: a wide-ranging discussion of general opening topics. ISBN 978-1-906454-19-7 (2010) Openings reference works: Nick deFirmian et al. 2008. Modern chess openings, 15th ed, Random House N.Y. ISBN -8129-3682-5 (these two versions are almost identical) John Nunn et al. 1999. Nunn's chess openings. Everyman, London. ISBN 1-85744-221
  4. Conclusion - Aggressive Chess Openings For White. 1. The Vienna Game. The Vienna game commences after 1.e5 e5 2.Nc3. This strategy is a fundamentally sound chess opening. The Vienna Game follows the majority of central opening principles and enables significant creativity for both non-aggressive and aggressive players
  5. ChessOps - A Basic Chess Openings Guide. An interactive series of +9,000 unique board positions, from first moves through to full development of pieces, covering all major openings, defences and variations. Each page has an explanation and a notation list. Also +1,000 transposition pages. Chess Basics Categories of Opg
  6. Want to win your games quickly using some of those powerful chess traps? Here is the list of all 10 of them! Opening Chess Traps: 1. Josef Emil Krejcik - Baumgartner, King Pawn Game: Busch-Gass Gambit (C40) 2. Gioachino GrecoItalian - Unknown Player, Italian Game Classical Variation, Center Attack (C53) 3

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  1. When it comes to the best chess opening books released in 2018, this would be on most people's lists. French Toast: How Harikrishna fries 1 e6 written by the Indian Super GM Pentala Harikrishna is another new chess opening book on the block and a rarity in that it was released by an active elite grandmaster
  2. A Beginner's Garden of Chess Openings. A guide by David A. Wheeler. The first moves of a chess game are termed the opening or opening moves. A good opening will provide better protection of the King, control over an area of the board (particularly the center), greater mobility for pieces, and possibly opportunities to capture opposing pawns and pieces
  3. o. Download PDF. Download Full PDF Package. This paper. A short summary of this paper. 26 Full PDFs related to this paper. Read Paper. Chess Openings Contents
  4. In this post we prepared a list of the Top 10 Best Chess Openings for Beginners, always trying to pick openings with at least some of these characteristics: they are easy to play, they are easy to learn, and we can get sharp, dynamic and interesting positions with them
  5. Chess is one of the oldest games that have ever existed and it is played by hundreds of people around the world. The game is so famous that people play it on national level and there are chess federations for most of the countries. Here is the list of some of the most famous chess federations around the world: New Zealand Chess Federatio
  6. Openings.pgn - Master your chess with Coach B. Practice your opening for free. No installation needed. Works on Chromebooks, I-Phones, Androids and any device connected to the internet. Watch video below! FREE OPENING software to practice vs computer

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Below is a list of chess openings named after places. The Oxford Companion to Chess lists 1,327 named chess openings and variants. Many of them are named for geographic places Here is a complete list of all the regularly updated PDF opening eBooks downloadable from this site, for printing and reading, with their equivalent ECO codes: 1 e4 e5 - GM Victor Mikhalevski; Unusual 2nd Moves [C20-C29] King's Gambit [C30-C39] 2 Nf3 - Various Black replies [C40-C43] Scotch, Four Knights, Italian & other 3rd Moves [C44-C59 ECO Opening codes: list with variation names. --------. 1. checks are not indicated - an ECO quirk. 2. I have been sparing with the qualifications (lines with and without. certain moves) as they are implicit in the classification anyhow. 3. I have typed all the castling moves with capital 'O's not zeroes (0). 4

Here is a list of the most famous chess openings, which is your favourite one ? Benko's Opening, Grob's attack, Crab Opening, Nimzovich-Larsen attack, Bird's Opening, Reti Opening, English Opening, Queen's pawn, Modern defense, Old Benoni defense, Trompowsky attack, King's Indian, Budapest defense, Benoni defense, Benko gambit, Dutch defense, King's pawn Opening, Scandinavian defense, Alekhine. Openings often seem complicated, and there's a huge body of opening theory available for study. So much information can make it difficult to know where to begin. This guide will describe how to effectively learn a chess opening without drowning in excess information or spending lots of time poring over obscure opening variations Chess opening books often don't make a clear distinction between relevant and less relevant lines. In practice, the Pareto principle is very much valid: 20% of the lines appears in 80% of the games. Opening books make it rather difficult to identify that 20 % of the lines. Moreover, the relevance of certain lines depends on the player's rating What are Chess Openings? In chess theory, the initial stages of a match have already been studied and conceptualized. Instead of improvising, champions are used to study the development of games starting with openings: Grandmasters have given name to thousand of predefined sequences for chess gameplay Bill Wall 700 Opening Traps INTRODUCTION Probably the most important part of a chess game for the amateur chess player is the opening. At the amateur level, most games are won or lost in the opening through mistakes or falling in a book trap. It is important to study the openings and know what traps and pitfalls may arise from

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Most of these openings fall into one of three categories: 1. White plays for a central break with d4 (Scotch Game, Ponziani, most lines of Giuoco Piano and Two Knights). 2. White plays for a central break with f4 (King's Gambit, most lines of the Vienna and Bishop's Opening). 3. White plays quietly with d3 (Giuoco Pianissimo, Spanish Four Knights) The ECO Codes is a classification system for the chess openings moves. Below is a list of chess openings organized by the Encyclopaedia of Chess Openings (ECO) code. The openings are divided in five volumes labeled from A through E. C60 Ruy Lopez (Spanish opening) 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3

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Chess-960.org Generator (Free: Web) Chess 960 Generator (Free: Android) Chess Wheel 960 ($: iOS) DGT960 Pocket Timer ($: Chess clock) Notation. Forsyth-Edwards Notation (FEN) is the usual way of compactly describing a chess position in text, and it is sufficient to describe all 960 starting positions. The FEN for the classical starting. Chess openings refer to the first several moves made in any given chess game, and take it from an international master — those moves matter. I recently had the pleasure of co-hosting Chess TV's Amateur Hour with IM Danny Rensch, during which Danny provided me with a mind-blowing explanation that clarified the fundamentals behind chess. The Small Encyclopaedia of Chess Openings is based on the same 500 fundamental codes and system of elimination but it's a fifth the length. Instead of five books just one! The best and most up to date information. The creative output of generations of chess masters filtered for the reader's convenience Australia This YouTube channel is a great place for beginner and intermediate players to watch entertaining chess videos. As chess is an exceptional mind game, it requires a large amount of skill and practice as well as strategy. There is more to chess strategy than many people think and with these free chess videos you can learn how to play chess like a champion in a very short period The first few moves in the chess opening lays the foundation for every chess game. According to the wiki: Crazyhouse (also known as Drop chess, Mad chess, Reinforcement chess, Turnabout chess and Schizo-chess) is a chess variant similar to bughouse chess, but with only two players

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If you've memorized some opening scenarios and are ready to dig a little deeper into chess strategy and tactics, opening traps are a great way to do that. Some of these sequences are pretty easy to learn and some of them are long and difficult. These chess opening traps are separated based on playing side, here are some quick links to each section The four best chess opening moves for White are 1.e4, 1.d4, 1.c4 and 1.Nf3. The best chess openings after 1.e4 are the Ruy Lopez, the Italian game , the Sicilian Defense, the French Defense, and the Caro Kann. The best chess openings after 1.d4 are the Queen's Gambit, the King's Indian Defense, the Slav Defense, the Grunfeld Defense, and. The majority of this study has been dedicated to the Chess Openings. Since these opening moves will eventually determine the course of the game, it is understood that the first moves are those of greater importance. -- Al Horowitz & Fred Reinfeld : Openings list: Ruy Lopez: Pirc Defense: Giuoco Piano: King's Gambit. FULL GROUP-LIST of all major OPENINGS, DEFENCES, GAMBITS & VARIATIONS. Advanced players may find less-familiar openings to study here or in the Full Alpha-Index.. Beginners are advised to use the shortlist on the Clear screen. Intermediate players should use the Short Group-List page.. Titles in bold type below indicate major lines (with separate description or Jump pages)

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Chess Strategy. The purpose of the different Openings is to help you prepare your army, so it's ready to take the fight to the enemy, during the forthcoming Middlegame phase. The challenge comes in picking the correct Opening moves, since your opponent's moves may require you to adapt your chosen Opening sequence, else face getting to the. Chess T empo 中文 Deutsch Ελληνικά English Español Français Italiano Nederlands Polski Português Русский Svenska Türkçe Username: Password: / Register Lost Passwor Hi Mikael! Thanks a lot for commenting. The black openings are actually already there. To see them, 1) click on the drop down list to change from White to Black, and then 2) click on the name of a black opening in the outcomes table (e.g. Sicilian Defence). The chess board view and moves notation column should adjust accordingly

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level 2. Different-Log-2308. Op · 4d. The Ruy Lopez is a theory based opening. Openings like the London, Hippo and Colle are setup based which means you can play them nearly every single time, almost regardless of what your opponent does. I think this is the commonly accepted description of an opening system. 2 Opening Book. Chess programs often look up the positions at the beginning of the game in an Opening Book. The opening database can then be used as long as the opponent plays a new move from the database, so usually more common opening lines will be stored to a much higher depth than the uncommon ones Bobby Fischer is the all-time favorite chess players by many. In this article, I will go into real depth of Bobby's Opening Repertoire and show you his favorite Openings, with plenty of examples and diagrams.. After reading this post you will know what variations Fischer liked in five mainstream Openings, and you will know how to modify you own Opening Repertoire if you want to imitate him

According to the author : I am a 21-year-old FIDE Master from Ukraine with two IM norms and a peak rating of 2382 currently residing in Saint Louis, USA. During my youth chess career, I won more than ten medals in Ukrainian Youth Championships, having become Ukrainian champion - both individually, in rapid U-20 in Continue reading A Complete Opening Repertoire for Black after 1.e4 e5! List of fixes and changes; Chess Assistant 10. Chess Assistant 10 Patch - download the patch into your Chess Assistant 10 folder and run. Chess Assistant 9. Chess Assistant 9 Patch 920 - download the patch into your Chess Assistant 9 folder and run. Rybka 2.1 & Chess Openings 2006 (on CD) patch: Download the patch to the hard drive and run i Browsable list of chess openings - appspot.com too

Crushing White: The Dzindzi Indian Volume 2 - Foxy Chess Openings Volume 122 Catalog Code: DVD0122FX This the most comprehensive 3 Part DVD series ever produced on the Dzindzi Indian - designed to give Black an easy-to-learn yet powerful and incredibly effective weapon which scores a remarkable 57% for Black. GM Ron Henley plays this Opening on. Opening Simulator - King's Indian Defence by Esben Lund and Andreas Skytte Hagen. The Sicilian Taimanov by Antonios Pavlidis. Grandmaster Repertoire 2B - Dynamic Systems by Boris Avrukh. The Queen's Indian Defence by Michael Roiz. Grandmaster Opening Preparation by Jaan Ehlvest There is no opening book for real beginners. The reason is that some degree of understanding is needed before the details of an opening can be grasped. Books like the following show complete games with elementary explanations of the moves. Chernev, Irving 1998. Logical chess: move by move. London:Batsford

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This means that without convincing play in the opening you will not be successful in chess. For this reason, opening books enjoy great popularity. However, since building an individual opening repertoire requires reviewing a lot of material, it makes sense to look for a time-saving approach like the one offered by this quick course In this video, GM Igor Smirnov will share with you the 7 best chess opening traps -these traps are really easy to learn and, therefore, you will be able to apply them in YOUR games right away! The traps that Igor presented in the video lesson are from a variety of popular chess openings -Sicilian, Caro-Kann, Spanish, Two Knights, and so on.

Three golden rules for beginners are 1) Get your pieces off the back row; 2) Take; 3) Attack. 10. The Giuoco Pianissimo is the best opening for learning the principles of normal development, the Queen and the four minor pieces all coming off the back row in seven moves The King's Pawn Opening, beginning with 1. e4, is one of white's most popular and aggressive options to begin a chess game. White immediately takes control of the center and opens lines of development for his pieces - it's clear that 1. e4 is very much in line with opening principles. The King's Pawn Opening has been the favorite move. www.Chess-Game-Strategies.com Chess Moves - Beginners Cheat Sheet Pawns • Very first move, can choose to advance 1 or 2 squares. • Thereafter, can only advance 1 square per turn. • Pawns can only Capture diagonally, 1 square forward, to the left or right. Knights • Can be your Opening move (1. Nc3, or 1. Nf3). • Moves in an L-shaped. List of chess grandmasters by country. This is a list of chess grandmasters by countries, by both active and overall grandmasters. Overall includes both active and inactive players. Russia places first in every category Encyclopedia of Chess Openings (ECO) - Five volumes to cover in more detail than NCO; of course, if you play a particular opening, get a book on that opening! Understanding Chess Move by Move - Nunn - sort of a modern MUCH more advanced version of Chernev's Logical Chess Move by Move. Understanding Chess Middlegames - Nunn - Another good one.

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Download Chess Books PDF, CBV, PGN. Here, you will be able to download the new chess books released in 2018-2019 in PDF, CBV and PGN formats. Due to the increased number of copyright complaints we had to move all books to the hosting offered by our partner. To download the books, you shall either purchase a premium account for Florenfile (who. This is the second part of our lesson on the best aggressive chess openings for Black. In the previous article, we discussed about the openings Sicilian Najdorf and Two Knights defense against White's first move 1.e4. If you missed it, you can find it here Encyclopedia of Chess Openings - Volume B - Part 1. Half a century ago the first edition of the Encyclopaedia of Chess Openings was released, as a truly unique, ground-breaking tome. Such monumental work was a logical continuation to the Informant series which came to life a few years earlier. Chess Informant introduced a completely.

1. c4 e5 - The English Opening. The opening move 1. c4 is named the English opening, after the 19th century English master Howard Staunton, whose name you may have heard before as he lent his name to promote the Staunton pattern chess pieces - the standard chess set that is in common use today - in one of the oldest sports sponsorship deals New in Chess Yearbook is the #1 guide to Chess Opening news! It is published four times per year, ensuring the most up-to-date and topic chess opening information. It includes 25-30 surveys per issue, covering all of the fashionable lines, wild gambits and even forgotten variations! If you're serious about chess, you need New in Chess Yearbooks Catalan Opening Grünfeld Defense King's Indian Defense Chess Openings other English Opening Reti Opening Unusual Openings Chess Books Online. This website contains a complete list of chess books, dvd's and e-books. On chessbooks.online you'll find an overview with all available chess related material, from the latest releases till the classics

I have studied about 100 chess books and read another 100, all among the considered very good books on chess. I have been a club player, amateur, since 1972, rated just over 2000. Kasparov is, in my opinion one of the top 5 chess authors, together with Tal (who wrote very little), Alekhine, Botvinnik, Nunn and, OK, maybe another 2 or 3 who get. Chess Words. Hi there! Below is a massive list of chess words - that is, words related to chess. There are 500 chess-related words in total, with the top 5 most semantically related being queen, checkmate, pawn, backgammon and fide. You can get the definition (s) of a word in the list below by tapping the question-mark icon next to it 3/12/2021 - The first Chess Informant was published in 1966, and it caused a revolution in the world of chess. After looking at the history of the Informant in part 1 and the current situation of the Informant in part 2, the third and final part of this series deals with the universal chess language the Informant has created and has made popular: a system of signs that allows readers. The Sokolsky Opening is both as the main selling point. I don't feel that way. 1.b4 sets problems in the opening, the player who pushes the b-pawn up is likely more prepared for those problems. That is enough for some players to enjoy success at chess. And have some fun at it! Source: NM Bill McGeary Product detail

ChessTree: Chess opening explorer and repertoire builder. ChessRoot: Visualised chess openings. Elometer: Solve 76 chess problems and learn your playing strength. Chessmetrics: Explore chess history. Historical ratings and year-by-year playing strength comparisons FIDE - World Chess Federation, Online ratings, individual calculation The openings tool allows to create custom openings, which can be named and optionally added to the list of standard openings. The other big part of the tool is the personal opening guide. If you want to create a personalized repertoire of openings (which is a good idea for any chess player) this is the place to do it GM Repertoire 10 - The Tarrasch Defence. GM Repertoire 11 - Beating 1.d4 Sidelines. GM Repertoire 12 - The Modern Benoni. GM Repertoire 13 - The Open Spanish. GM Repertoire 14 - The French Defence Vol. 1. GM Repertoire 15 - The French Defence Vol. 2. GM Repertoire 16 - The French Defence Vol. 3. GM Repertoire 17 - The Classic Slav. GM. Foxy Openings DVDs. Chess opening training by master and grandmaster chess instructors right in your own own - on your schedule! Learn the tricks, traps, and novelties of each opening. Then take your newly found knowledge to the chess club! It's a cost effective way to quickly learn a new opening or expand your repertoire

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Complete Chess Strategy 3: Play on the Wings Good books on the indeterminate stage of chess between openings and endings are rare. Ambitious players wanting a practical guide to the middle game will find that Ludek Pachman's great trilogy, which is completed with this volume, stands in a class of its own To win chess openings playing black with the French Defense, start by moving your King 1 space forward. When moving your Queen, move it to D4 or D5, pushing your Queen either 1 or 2 spaces forward. To finish the French Defense, while playing black, move your bishop to B4, which pins white's Knight to the King List the white player's move before the black player's move. Since the white player always starts a game of chess, their moves are always listed first in notation. Label the turn 1. followed by the white player's move. Put 1-2 spaces after the notation before listing the black player's opening move Chess openings are romantic. They have cool names, associated players, long histories, and it's fairly easy to learn a few and open your games with a plan and a strategy. Chess Openings: Theory And Practice will take your openings to a new level by presenting openings, both classic and obscure, and explaining the logic, philosophy, and. The Sicilian Defense is the most common response to 1. e4. By advancing the c-pawn at the first move, Black creates an asymmetry in the pawn structure. This leads to an imbalanced position that gives Black higher chances to win. Besides this, the move 1 c5 controls the important d4-square An easy-to-learn repertoire for the chessboard assassin. Mastering the Chess Openings volume 1. John Watson. A definitive guide from the guru of modern chess on 1 e4. Mastering the Chess Openings volume 2. John Watson. Covering lines beginning 1 d4. Mastering the Chess Openings volume 3